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Duke's Snack Bar
Triq Qrejten, L-Imsida Malta
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Duke's Snack Bar


It all started 50 years ago in the form of a small bar, evolving along the years. While expanding the premises, a counter full of fresh bread and local ingredients was added to the bar and customers could always create their custom snack/lunch.

By time, the premises were renovated and improved, increasing seating capacity and gradually expanding the menu due to many different requests.
Our goal is, and always will be to maintain the high standard we have achieved, whilst making you, the client, our number one investment. We strive to give the best of services whilst providing the customer with a selection of daily fresh ingredients and bread, all wrapped up in a cosy and comfortable environment.

So whenever you feel like a traditional Maltese 'Hobza biz-Zejt', or just want to have a relaxed lunch/break away from work, feel free to drop by and have a taste of what quality is all about.

And to all of our loyal customers, thank you for your continued support.

Open Time: 
Monday to Friday 7:30am - 5:30 pm (Saturday& Sunday / Closed)
Vegetarian Options
Vegan Options
Food delivery
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